Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seasons~ Autumn Sketch

This is a rough sketch for an upcoming project for the Autumn Society. They're tackling the theme Seasons, and mainly because it's my favorite time of year, I chose Autumn.

It took me a much longer time to think of an idea than I'm used to- due in no small part to some personal questioning. This type of image is one that I'm really enamored with and it boils down a lot of what I like to draw and paint. The real question was whether of not to settle, in a way, with this or to try and stretch out as an artist. It's something that I always come to when formulating a sketch, and on one hand I want to be honest and revel in what I love, but also to grow. Each project is a blend of those two concerns and the balance always tips one way or the other. I don't think I'm alone in being concerned about these things, and maybe I get too cerebral about this type of thing, but in the end I really just need to make as good an image as I can.

For all that's worth, I am anxious to get started because now that I've settled, I think it can be a good piece.

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