Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn, le fin

11.75x16", red pencil and digital

Here's the finish for my contribution to the Autumn Society's themed show, Seasons. Autumn- the first chill breeze, the changing leaves. The sky is something of a dusk setting because really, autumn is the dusk of the year- fading warmth and fading trees, as the cold grows in the air.

I tried a few new things with mark making, texture, and lines, and that's the great thing about the personal work- trying new things that I can bring into my professional pieces. There's talk that we're having a gallery show of all of the themed work that we've done over at the Autumn Society so look for more news about it.


Mike Lawrence said...

Hey Tim, I noticed your post on flight and thought I'd poke around your blog for a bit. Great stuff. I really enjoy your sense of color.

Tim Durning said...

thanks for stopping by, mike! maybe i'll see you on Flight.