Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketches & SoI

Autumn & Lunar Moth
I'm very excited to say that 2 pieces of mine we accepted into the Society of Illustrators Student Competition! I was extremely excited to hear about it and really looking forward to the show in NY. Like with most competitions I had written it off and looked forward to entering the next ones, but this time things seemed to have worked out.

In other news, the above are sketches for an Indypendent article about the trouble down the road that comes with the downturn in mass production economies in Asia.

Asia, The Coming Fury. Pencil, digital 4x5.75"
Update: The above is the finished spot illo.


Cassandra Kiss said...

congratulations, and your work is spectacular!

Daniel Fishel said...

I got in as well. I will see you in NY. Congrats!

Tim Durning said...

Thanks a lot guys. See you in NY, Fish.