Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebration of the Suds 2009

A small sampling of places my design appeared

Over the summer I got the job to do the poster for the Celebration for the Suds, a beer festival held in Atlantic City this past weekend. I was anxious to see how the piece would be utilized, and was excited to find out that it had been used for shirts, posters, and badges, and tickets used to vote for the attendees' choice drink. Shirts sold out on the first day, and all weekend I got to see people wearing the badges made from the illustration.

The promoter was awesome to work with, dressed appropriately in a bright green crushed velvet suit jacket, he had so many ideas that made the festival more than a party, but a gathering for brewers, distributors, and consumers. He was also nice enough to provide me with the sampling of material from above. We talked about getting a design together for next year's event, and I'm determined to blow him away with what I can come up with.

Below, the original poster.


Jaclyn Sinquett said...

Wow that turned out really nice!

Tim Durning said...

Thanks a lot, Jackie! Good hearing from you.