Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Building Bridges

Building Bridges, 13.5x16.75, Colored pencil/digital

I just wrapped up 1 of 2 promotional pieces recently. I'm trying to explore some common editorial themes in interesting ways, hopefully stretching my illustration-vocab in the process. I can't exactly remember how this piece began; sketching samurai, puzzling together a bridge, and the color palette were all separate ideas that came together in this piece. Beyond the concept itself I wanted to incorporate elements of past pieces that has worked out well, and also to try working a bit larger. It came out pretty good, I'm happy to say. I even got a mini-illustration out of the 1st detail posted below. I think that little crop has some neat possibility in itself.

The next piece will be out shortly once some other jobs are wrapped up, so stick around for some more content shortly. Hope you enjoy, thanks.



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