Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Girl & Her White Knight

A Girl & Her White Knight, 17.6x14", pencil/ink/digital
The above is a new image I'll be using in a mail promotion in the coming weeks. I wanted to try something more complicated in the use of the figure, so there's a bunch of them. The idea is one that's a bit old timey or romantic- a girl finding comfort from the throng with her own "white knight," a bit of hero imagery in there. I hope you enjoy it. PS- The landscape from the last post would have gone in place of the flower panel, but didn't work out.

White Knight details, Click to enlarge

I'm also posting some of my work outside of illustration. A good portion of my work is in design and, more and more lately, doing colors for comic books. The samples below are from Shrek for Dreamworks (pencils/inks provided by the wonderful Christine Larsen), a logo design for a cycling kit, and Teddy Scares for Applehead Factory (done with Chris Patchell and Lawrence Hugh Burns). The Shrek books will premier on Free Comic Book Day, May 2nd and Teddy Scares will premier the their 2nd season of graphic novels at San Diego Comic Con, July 22-25.

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Jaclyn Sinquett said...

Hey - Looks awesome! Great work as always.

The new illo makes me think of Bioshock, this is like the vanilla reverso version of a little sister and her Big Daddy! That's a compliment, by the way.

Tim Durning said...

Oh wow, I never thought of it that way. Yeah that works too! PS i like the term "vanilla reverso."