Monday, May 26, 2008

Earthquake in China

This is the final drawing for a new piece dealing with the earthquake that happened in China. The New York Times has had a lot of great articles dealing with the many facets of the tragedy that happened when so much of the news around China has been about the Olympics, and more importantly all of the protests that have surrounded the torch relay. It's an interesting shift to have China go from the stalwart, hardened nation known for its terrible abuse of human rights to a legitimate source of international sympathy having lost over 50,000 people to the quake along with many national monuments and temples. In a response to that I wanted to show a great and ancient nation that now is seen in the international community as injured and hurt.


xfishxart said...

Looks Great!

Karen Hagen said...

I really like the line work , can't wait to see the finish. Thanks again for the "Abyss" print, it has inspired much piano playing.