Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chinese Earthquake

Here's the finish for the sketch I had uploaded about the earthquake in China and its effect on how the world view was affected. I originally approached it with a square format but realized half way through that I never really do a vignette and in this way I think the illustration more easily fits into a lot of different publication because of the way the white eats into the piece a bit and adds some texture. I was very focused on the crack and I'm glad that I was able to focus and make it seem one with the statue itself. Admittedly I was a bit wary of those clouds and how they would fit with the rest of the piece but it turned out just fine. Finally, thank you to the long dead Chinese man who painted the original mountain I used for reference during this piece.
In other news, I want to thank everyone who came out to the Wizard World Comic Con here in Philadelphia. I had a great time sharing a table with SM Vidaurri, selling prints, and doing sketches for people. Thanks again everyone.


Karen Hagen said...

Really beautiful, Tim. Great palate and execution.

xfishxart said...

This looks wonderful! It really comes together with the concept really well.