Monday, July 14, 2008


Here's a few sketches for projects coming up shortly. The first is a pin up for a volume of the Teddy Scares comic that APE Entertainment puts out. This bear in particular slept himself to death and I thought it would be pretty appropriate to have him clasped by a skeleton, deep in a crpyt. The panel of skulls is a bit of a homage/graciously borrowed tip from Mike Mignola. I've always loved the way he controls the way you look at a picture by keeping secondary elements within a very small color-value range.

The next one is a personal piece and really just something I've had on my mind that I'll finally get the chance to do. I always love odd juxtapositions and the bird, a grackle, is something I've wanted to draw and color for months. Hopefully it'll be as fun to do as I've hoped it would be.

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