Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Fantasy Sketch

This is a pseudo-finish done on spec for a client I'm hoping to get to work with. Their AD had made the comment that fantasy work is akin to technical illustration. It's very straight forward, pretty much based on what is "cool," and that there's not a lot of room for interpretation. I think that on one hand, he's right. Most of these illustrations are really to show the mood and tone of the world, or to demonstrate the specificity of a character, beast, or place. It's definitely not the type of editorial process that I enjoy, where I'm the one who's more in charge of the interpretations that the piece can have. As the AD said, "It's an orc. Not a metaphor for an orc."
In anycase, this is on attempt at a straight forward fantasy piece. I may be low on concept here, but I'm excited to get to focus on the basics- light, gesture, mood, color. I might do a few more, but hopefully they'll make more work for themselves.

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