Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fisherman's Wife Drawing

A little bit ago my artist friends and I had the idea to do 2 pieces around one theme together. This is my final drawing for the 1st project, "The Fisherman's Wife." My first thoughts came from me thinking about New England, Lovecraft, ghost stories, etc. It was also partially inspired by the Real Pirates! exhibit at the Franklin Institute (featuring great Greg Manchess pieces), which is why I wanted to include the warning bell that was recovered from the sunken ship. I'm excited to see what everyone else comes up with and I'll probably post them en masse here if we get enough finished pieces.

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Eric Braddock said...

Looking pretty awesome there, I'm looking forward to seeing the finish. I'll probably have some sketches for things to come, been kinda hectic this way lately, lots to get done for the first, but I'm really anxious for all of us to get together!