Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watchman Show~ Sketch 1

The Philadelphia Cartoonists Society has a show based around the characters of Watchmen (comic legend and movie hot-topic) in the works. The members and other invited artist are all tackling different characters and if I know the PCS, there's going to be a huge range of mood, from the serious to absolutely off the wall. I was really excited to get the chance to be in the show and this is a sketch for the first of 2 pieces I hope to get done for it. I haven't read the book in a couple years, but after a refresher-read this is the picture that came out most clearly. I think a very geometric and designy approach is pretty appropriate for Dr. Manhattan, and his removed stare even more so.
I'm going to do another piece for the show, if just to have a backup in case there's a million Dr Manhattan's, but that'll require a little more thinking to pull from the book. I'm sure we'll have no shortages of Rorschachs.

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