Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spot for the Indypendent

8x13", graphite, ink, & digital

The above is a finish I just did for an article in the Indypendent about how the Oscar nominations support movies that extract the historical significance of stories and focus on the personal aspects of their main characters.

I approached this one very freely and sort of "shot from the hip" to experiment with some new tricks I've wanted to try out. I'm hazey on the results. Not to say I don't think it's a good and effective image, but whether this methodology is a good fit for me. We'll see how they're integrated into my roster of tricks. Anyway, hope you like it. Thanks

Initial sketches for the assignment

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Alexis said...

I really like this new direction your going in the concept is great but you have always been good at that. I think the execution is different for you, but I think its successful. I especially like how you see the drawing, and that the sketch lines are inverse.