Saturday, January 24, 2009

UPS Montage

UPS Montage, 20x15.75" Pencil and digital

I wanted to wait until the all clear before posting about this project, but it was about 2 months ago when this all started. I had the opportunity to work with UPS to provide a piece of art for their main New York office that would also be used as a gift for their upper level executives.

My contact at UPS had asked for a single image to encompass the 11 districts in the Northeast Region as well as some UPS imagery. The sketches he wanted were to range from 11 distinct depictions of the districts, to a more interpretive sketch. After some sketch refinements between me and the client, we settled on the more distinct sketch that had sections specific to the areas they represent as well as a depiction of the UPS process in general.

It was a bit intimidating working for a company like UPS, but also challenging in the image itself. It took a lot of subjects I never really experienced, like automobiles and certain landscapes, that were then tied in together with about a dozen scenes. The time between sketch and finish was a little shorter than I'd like for a complicated image, but in the end both the client and I were happy with it, so really what more can I ask for?

Original Drawing, 20x15.75" Red pencil

Second and first round of sketches

"It's gonna take a MON-tage! Even Rocky had a montage.."


Eric Braddock said...

Damn, dude. Awesome work!

Alexis said...

This is a really challenging piece! You really pulled it off, it looks so great Tim. I love all the different perspectives,it makes it so exciting!

Der Blaue Reiter said...

Beautiful piece ! :]

Tim Durning said...

eric- thanks a lot, buddy

lexi- thanks! it was kind of a bitch to draw (especially the cars) but I'm really glad with how it came out. hope to see you soon.

blaue- thanks!