Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grief Through Times of Strife

Grief Through Times of Strife, 21x16", Colored Pencil/digital

This is the latest in a small series of promotional images interpreting common editorial themes. I hoped to find some interesting ways to solve the issues and satisfy myself at the same time. The above is Grief Through Times of Strife. These pieces are further meant to express one of my favorite aspect of editorial illustration- a collaborative nature that lets an illustrator step outside traditional modes of communication to express some concept or mood to a viewer and enhance their understanding or participation in a given material, written or otherwise. Meaning, the chance to create images that are essentially fantastic in nature. You can find lots of examples of illustrators who combine an amazing craft with a truly unique/extraordinary thinking, and for me I've always strived to expand on both. So, more to come but I hope you enjoy the piece.


Collie MIlls said...

Everything about this so great to me. From the subtleties of the reflection and tears, to deatails in the ships, to the symbolism involved in the stillness of the water. This is great work Tim I can't wait to see more of these promotional images.

Colin Purrington said...

Saw this on Hobbs Coffee site. Like your stuff.

Tim Durning said...

Thanks so much, guys.

Collie- Thanks a lot, man. Glad you enjoyed it.
Colin- Thanks for stopping by- I guess that means the show opened? Heh.

McBoing said...

I also saw this piece at Hobbs. I particularly like seeing your line drawings along with the finished pieces. It gives a great insight into your creative process.