Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, 12x15", Graphite/ink/digital

Howdy all. The above is a new illustration about cloud computing. I've been reading a lot about all of the advancements in cloud computing, browser based applications, and new services like Google Wave. It's a broad term, but the illustration focuses on the idea that your computer is not the end destination of your computing experience but rather a gateway to these greater capabilities.

The original sketch included a halo element that was the Google Chrome logo, Google being one of the largest components of the technology, but it felt too overt.
Cloud Computing Line Drawing

Paper Components


Christine Larsen said...

Looking good sir. Really love that original line drawing. Nixing the google halo was a good call, the "sunbeams" are a way nicer element, and much more subtle. Overall, I really like the Indian-esque quality of this. It reminds me a little of those Shiva posters.

Ryan Cooper said...


Reminds me of somthing from The Wall, but with much better draftsmanship.

Patch said...

Man I love the halo-effect way better than the google logo! And the action happening inside of the "brain" is awesome. I really like where you took the finish, you should be proud of this one you really pushed it further and further with each pass.