Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Watch that last step,

11.75x12", graphite/digital

it's a doozy. Above is the recent cover image I did for the Indypendent. The main focus of the articles regard a disillusionment of the Obama administration. One of the editors suggested a play on a past image that had Obama walking on water. It seemed like a clear message, the failure to deliver on the Messianic image of the campaign, but I wanted to give them a few other options.

In the end, they went with the 3rd sketch but suggested a more obvious connection to Jesus with the robes and more obvious fumble than the slow sinking I suggested in the sketch. I liked the dynamic approach, and the chance to take on a likeness was generally new to me- the 1 day turn around kept it exciting as well. I'm looking forward to seeing the piece in print with type. Enjoy.


Ryan Cooper said...

Great piece and an interesting read.

Patch said...

I am anxious to see how this reproduces. You have some really cool textures in the finish that I hope make it to newsprint. Glad to see you mentioned the "turn around" in your post. I will be sure to share that info with my class. Kudos!