Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All Hands on Deck

The Drowned Man's Pageantry, 10x15", graphite/ink/digital

I will be participating in another show at Chapterhouse Gallery in Philadelphia. The show is title All Hands on Deck, a collaborative show with 30 artists from the area. In the words of the collaborator:

"In July 2010, in America's birthplace of Philadelphia, 30 emerging young artist of diverse skill sets have enlisted their services in riding the waves of discovery in effort to provide new additions of pictures to provide visual dialogs of mankind's fascination with the sea.
words. Matt Cavanaugh"

My piece, The Drowned Man's Pageantry, is on display. The show is opening on Friday July 9th, at Chapterhouse Gallery, 620 South 9th Street Philadelphia, PA. Hope you enjoy it.


Patch said...

Melissa and I are going to try and make the opening. I really enjoy how layered your work is; both in textures and iconic imagery. Cheers!

Tim Durning said...

Awesome! I saw Jeffro was in the show, so I hoped you would make it out.