Friday, July 30, 2010

Philadelphia Weekly

I was lucky enough to do the most recent cover of the Philadelphia Weekly. A lot of illustrators I admire like Edward Kinsella and Tim Gough have graced the covers and as such PW has been on my client wish-list for a while. The story itself is a sad one about a woman who kept almost 90 animals in her small row home. They were all uncared for, living is squalid conditions. The PSPCA raided the home after complaints from the neighbors. The neighborhood has been shaken up by the incident and the events leading up to the raid have caused strife on Earp St. that continues to this day. To read the full article on PW's website, read here.

Regarding the image, AD Robyn John wanted a cast of dogs spilling from all parts of this house, seemingly left to fend for themselves. I tried to make the place look cold and dingy – my experience with Philadelphia apartments informed that part quite a bit.

The chosen sketch

The image sans design. 10.13x10.875", graphite/ink/digital


Anonymous said...

Love the cover illustration!

Tim Durning said...

Thanks, mystery date :D