Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comic News and Notes

It's an awesome month for comics I work on! The second issue of the Shrek comic by Ape Entertainment came out this month, drawn by Christine Larsen, colors by myself. Below is a preview of one of the spreads, but you can see more at Christine's blog here.
In other news, another project I work on, Valentine, is getting all kinds of great news. In addition to being published by one of the bigger houses in the comics industry – secrets to be revealed later – all of the iPhone/iPad/web versions of the comic are now free to read- investigate here. I hope you check out this awesome fantasy story set during the Napoleonic Wars. I'm working on a print-exclusive bonus story, both drawn and colored by me, so if you want to see more than the meager jpgs that make their way here I hope you'll pick up the book when it's out. Until then, enjoy some more excerpts from issue 8:

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Patch said...

Tim, can't wait to see the exclusive story your drawin'. Please post more when you can! Awesome!