Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mice Templar Pt. 2

This is the finish for my tribute to the Mice Templar series. It was interesting combining rat and man reference, if just because it was a new experience for me. And all in all, I enjoyed the addition of the pencil to the finish. It adds a nice hand done feel. Enjoy.

Update: Mice Templar will be printing this piece in an upcoming issue! I'm not sure which one yet because of printing schedules but I'll be sure to fill you in when I know.


S.M.Vidaurri said...

I like this piece, the lighting works to great effect with the aged background to create a mythical atmosphere.

xfishxart said...

This came out alot better that I thought. The sketch from the con to the finish is completely two differnt worlds but the elbow work done in the finish really shows a love for the process.

I especially love the Owl Tim.