Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow pg. 19, 6.625x10.25" pencil & digital

Here's a new page from the book I'm working on, and will soon be finishing. It's the reveal of the Horseman himself, and the page just before we begin the big chase/climax. My editor likes to shy away from the overtly ghostly in this story, and tries to stay on the traditional side (so as to not lean on the Horseman's true identity one way or the other), but in light of this I was happy he saw fit to keep the mist the leaks from the Horseman's cowl that I added. The book is due out in May.

Spring, 10x13.5

This is a sketch for an upcoming promotional piece. For the next mailer I wanted to develop a picture that could be applicable to a lot of different places, and the main concept it of course "growth." It could be about inspiration, hope, recovery, spring, gardening, or economics and hopefully potential clients will see a lot of possibilities in this piece.

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