Thursday, April 30, 2009

Warlord: CCG Illustrations

Sir Chretien Rellion, 10x8.2", pencil/digital

Stolen Mount, 9x7.35", pencil/digital

I'm happy that I can finally show some of the pieces I've done for the fantasy card game Warlord, by AEG. I've always been a big fan of fantasy in books, art, and games (though never a big CCG player), so this was a great opportunity to have fun and draw some dudes in armor amidst adventure. The deadline for multiple cards was challenging, but they were a pleasure to work with hopefully, I'll get the chance to work with Warlord again.

I did a few card illustrations for the first round, and wanted to share the 2 I liked best, along with my favorite sketches for the pieces (including one that wasn't chosen). I was working within their style guide, which really helped flesh out the world and give me some ideas as to how I could design costuming based on the type of card I had.

Also, thanks to a spoiler website I was able to see an early copy of one of the cards in its design. Pretty cool!

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