Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Introduction

The above are the sketch and finished drawing for my new frontispiece. Now's the time to get my portfolio together and make a new book for myself. Arguably, the portfolio as an actual book is getting to be a little outdated- websites for illustrators have become such an integral tool for getting your work out there easily, quickly, and with the ability to add new material constantly. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward for the chance to take a few weeks and really think about my arrangement, what goes in it, and focus on producing a high quality, real, physical object made for showcasing my work.
In making this book, I had thought that I should create a new frontispiece rather than taking another work out of the book and placing it in that context. It took me a while just to think of an idea- an image that exists only as something of an introduction to my work. It may sound silly, but I've had fish on my mind lately- maybe because I'm trying to branch away from my love of drawings birds and other aerial creatures. Juxtaposing a glimmering fish with a long graceful tail with a nice juicy sky was a good way of making myself a beautiful piece that's also simple and allows room for me to put my information on the very front page; a nice solution for my intro piece.

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