Monday, March 31, 2008

Open House & Portraits

Here's the finished design for the UArts open house poster. I had a lot of difficulty with the design of the type and there were certainly a bunch of variations over time, but I finally came to this solution. I think it's iconic, central, and the scribbly nature of the font is nice and hip but says "school" to me as well. So hooray for that sweet font.

Coming down the line, the next portion of the workshop I'm participating in will be doing portraits of people based on their obituaries. The 2 people I'll be doing are John List and Pearl Cornioley. The former is a multiple murder who killed all 5 members of his family, saying the world was so filled with evil and that he didn't want them to suffer it anymore (he then fled the scene, changed his name, and remarried). He was caught 18 years later and died in prison.
Pearl, on the otherhand, was a resistance fighter in World War II France. She was renown for being an undercover operative who was in command of 1500 resistance fighters. She traveled with her pet rabbit everywhere she went and was the best shot in her sector.

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