Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dead Souls and a Baby

This is the final of the sketch I posted earlier. Again the idea behind this is that sin/vice decay the soul. This girl, maybe she was pretty at one time, has fallen into sin and given up. She looks at the viewer without respect as we watch her soul disintegrate. It's always fun to be able to get a little crazy with skin tone and I had described the palette for her skin as "wet corpse." A lot of purples and blues and some greens too. And, just because I like them a lot, a nice red in the hands and nose.Agreed, not quite in the same vein, but a private commission. I'm actually rather looking forward to doing a more traditional portrait, seeing as it's not my normal fare. It'll still be a fun portrait if just because I have free rein with the background. I'm thinking birds and clouds.

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