Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hero Portrait

This is a portrait of Pearl Cornioley. She died on February 23rd. In her lifetime she was an Allied agent in WWII France. She parachuted behind enemy lines and armed the resistance movement under the alias, "Pauline." A stunning marksman who traveled no where without her loyal hare, she led almost 3000 people, killed and wounded over 1000 Nazi soldiers, and orchestrated the surrender of 18,000 Nazi troops.
The portrait is primarily about the secrecy that was inherent to her duties which is the reason for the slat of light on her eyes. Personally, I like that rabbit. She was ultimately brave and devoted to the cause. The kind of woman who in many ways puts us to shame, but who's example inspires us as well. Below is the finished drawing for the piece.

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing...I was a young child living in Westfield when this happened and it scared alot of kids then and for years to come. you captured him all right.